#MondayMotivation – Non-Violence Day – Gandhi Jayanti

Oct. 2nd is International Non-Violence Day. It is also Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. I feel it especially ironic on this day after the horrific act in Las Vegas last night. Senseless acts of violence are hard for me to understand. My fervent prayers for Nevada and for our world today.

Peace be with you. Namaste ^


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#FridayFeeling – It’s National Coffee Day

It’s Friday Makers! And it’s National Coffee Day in the USA. Huzzah!  Yes, here in the PNW we have some of the best coffee in the country (sans sbx tho,not a fan).What’s your favourite coffee and go to cafe/coffee drink? I’ll share a bit of my coffee snobbery with you today…..

Yes, I admit, I’m a coffee snob (Also a tea snob). My fave organic coffee? I make at home with my Pavoni , the coffee comes from a local nano roaster, Gilda of Mae-B-Market. This is the best imho. (she ships too 😉 I drink mine straight with no additives! Love a bold dark roast. I’m not a fan of foofoo coffee. You know which ones I mean. LOL

I know you’ve seen this before, but I’ll share anyway. Here she is in the coffee roasting pinny I custom made for her. She’s still wearing the sun hat I made several years ago too. Sweet.

Next, is my fave local cafe, Northcove , they do an awsome fizzy ( 2 shots with splash of soda on the rocks) refreshing and delish cappuccinos . It’s my go to meet-up place with fellow makers and clients. Especially with the bestest realtor in the west, yes, that’s you D. Tho my most favourite cafe in all the land (other than Sicilia) is Cafe Trieste North Beach  in San Francisco. Sorry  Seattle. (not sorry really) If you’re ever in the area, do go. You’ll have a true cafe experience.

Fresh Fizzy @Northcovecoffee


It being National Coffee Day, go take a cup to someone you know could use a lift, or buy one for the person in line in front of you or on the corner stoop. However you celebrate today, or not, make it blessed.

Happy Friyay Makers! Cheers



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Tuesday Textile Tip – Tulle

It’s Tuesday Makers! Tulle is one of those textiles that most sewist I’ve known either love it or like me, avoid it. I’ve filed this fabric in my ‘fussy’ folder . I’m not a fan of fussy. Tulle netting can be made of a variety of different fibres. Nylon, cotton ,rayon or silk and the like. But not to be confused with other soft sheer fabrics like chiffion, organza or bobbinnet . Oh, who doesn’t recall crinoline petticoats. Gah! Makes me itch just thinking about them. LOL

I rarely have a sewing project that calls for tulle material. It’s often used mainly for wedding attire ,decor and tutus. Tho in today’s creative world tulle is being used in all types of crafty ways. This winter I may sew something with tulle. What’s your recent tulle creation?

One of our local Makers ,Tammy, at the Alger Sunday Market crafts a dish scrubby by crocheting strips of tulle and yarn together. She said she often upcycles the ‘netting’ from  produce packaging from the grocer and combines it with yarn to make these scrubby.  I don’t know how , but I’ve never seen one of these before. She made me this purple square one and I’m hooked. I love it. It works great,even on my cast iron pans. Ole dogs (me) can learn something new 😉 .


I know many crafters use tulle for holiday decorations and even for wrapping gifts. I’ve used it for gift basket kitsch and for bows and stuffing into gift bags. Above is an idea you may like to try this holiday season for a unique handmade tree. Hmmm, trade show table tree?

What sewing or crafting experiences have you had with tulle?

oh and tulle was seen paired a lot with street style at many of the trendy fashion week events around NYC,Paris,London. Google tulle fall fashion week. My fave stylish trend came from the Dior Blue fall line (above). Would you wear this? Something about the soft over-sized G’Pa sweater and blue tulle tea length skirt speaks to me.  Tho I’d need many more layers than this. And thick knit tights underneath . I’d freeze if wear sheer tulle in PNW fall weather. LOL…… and didn’t I say , it’s beret season!

Happy Tuesday Makers~cheers

Share your photos if you make that tulle holiday tree and I’ll post them.


Dior photo credit: Vogue.com



Disclaimer: No stipend or favor was received for this post or from any links mentioned above.

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