Monday Motivation~ Upcycle Leather

It’s Monday again Makers! What’s stitching this week? I’ve completed the upcycled leather bag! This sewing project inspiration came from the sew-a-long vids with Angela Wolf on the #stitchingsewcial  blog. I came across the sew-a-long on her twitter posts and thought it was perfect to try sewing leather. This is not my tute. Just my experience. But do try it yourself. I did a mini version of the tote in the videos.

ICYMI: Here is Pt. 5/6 videos:

Find all the sew-a-long videos here~ Sew-A-Long: Canvas Tote Bag

It took me a bit longer as I had to go find a leather piece to upcycle. Just so happens our local Humane Society thrift had just what I needed. The damage was minimal. Saving this from a landfill!

I set about picking the jacket apart,which wasn’t too difficult. I was a bit careful this time. I have plans for every bit. For the main fabric of my mini-tote I upcycled some upholstery fabric from a pillow I salvaged. I had planned to use the lining from the jacket for the tote lining but as you can see it just didn’t go well with the floral.

I had plenty of leather material to work with. As I 1/2’d the measurement of the tote pattern she called for in the videos. Oh and pay close attention to what she says about cutting the bottom piece. I didn’t and cut it the same as the bag piece. Doh! Wasted a bit of my leather.

The upholstery fabric was perfect for this project too. I didn’t need to use any added stiffing as I usually do to my handmade bags. And her (Angela Wolf) way of adding the vinyl to the bottom of the main fabric gave the bag added sturdiness too.

I didn’t follow the way the straps were added in the pt.3 video. Main reason is I thought I’d use these webbing straps from another upcycled project. And they were too short anyway to place like she did in the video. So I improvised by adding tabs and placing them on either side of the exterior pocket.

I did find some soft pale green for the lining in my vast fabric stash. Just so happens it goes wonderful with the leather and picks up the teal and green in the floral. I love it when the perfect fabric piece just finds it’s place to be. Don’t you?

It’s done! I love it. I can’t wait until my next sewing with leather venture. As I said I have plans for all the jacket pieces I picked apart. So stay tuned!

My sincerest thanks to the team over at Stitching Sewcial blog and especially to Angela Wolf. I hope I didn’t hack this one up too bad. 😉

Happy Monday Makers~cheers


After thoughts~ Get the plastic foot! The hack of using scotch tape on the bottom of a reg. foot just isn’t easier imho. Proportions matter. The webbing straps on this mini version just didn’t work . Too wide and too short. I’ll redo with longer softer straps and not so wide.


Disclaimer: No stipend or favor was received for this post or from any links mentioned above.



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15 Responses to Monday Motivation~ Upcycle Leather

  1. kelleysdiy says:

    Beautiful!!!! Your work is just remarkable!

  2. This is super cool, it turned out great!

  3. STH says:

    Love it! There’s something about combining fabric with leather (or vinyl) that just makes a bag look great.

  4. Wow that is an incredible transformation!

  5. Denice says:

    So many firsts. Proud of you.

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