Swap Meet Sat.

ok, technically today is Friday Makers. But to-morrow is the monthly Hickson Swap Meet. and I didn’t want to miss getting this post out. It’s been crazy busy here of late. ‘Sew’ many project happening all at once. You know how hectic late summer season sewing can get. And I’m already prepping for fall and the…. shall I even mention it….. holidays. Whew!

I’ll have the food for fabric bin at the swap meet again. If you’d like to donate for the local food bank (jar peanut butter) and add to your fabric stash. Thanks to the folks who donated recently. Every bit helps.

Oh and there will be some yummy baked goods for your enjoyment. Handmade by the sweet ladies of the Hickson community. Namely Tammy/Donna +others. Bless them.

ahem…I call dibs on the un-frosted brownies 😉

Happy FriYay Makers,Cheers


About Chic Mona

Upcycle Diva! Creating affordable handmade fashion accessories, delicious décor and unique gifts in the USA .
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2 Responses to Swap Meet Sat.

  1. Tammy Brehm says:

    How sweet Mona, we love having you at the Hickson Swap Meets, I love seeing all your upcyled creations..The watering can one you sold yesterday was one of my favorites ❤ you do a awesome job so be proud my unfrosted brownie friend/family lol. Have fun at Alger Market today!

    • Chic Mona says:

      I loved the day! How sweet of your sis to bring me that fabric Tammy. It was so thoughtful. That apron was so cute,thanks. See you next month with more creations! Sadly, I’ll not be at Alger today tho.

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