I’m a Winner!!

The first time I’ve ever entered a giveaway and I’m a winner!! I’ve never won anything before and just had to share being picked as one of the winners in KelleysDIY 1st blogiversary giveaway (she does fab upcycle DIY’s)! I won these beautiful handmade gifts from Tammy over at Crafty Boutique By Tam. Thank you Tammy!

I was also one of the sponsors of Linda’s blogiversary giveaway. Judy P. is the winner of one of my handmade aprons. Congratulations Judy! She said she never wins anything too and she didn’t even own an apron! She thought my apron was “adorable”. I’d have to agree. 😉


Thanks to all the sponsors and everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun. Great to get to know more fabulous crafty folks too. What a wonderful community.

Happy birthday to Linda @ KelleysDIY



About Chic Mona

Upcycle Diva! Creating affordable handmade fashion accessories, delicious décor and unique gifts in the USA .
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10 Responses to I’m a Winner!!

  1. Tammy Brehm says:

    Congrats Chic Mona, so exciting ❤

  2. sewtonya says:

    Yay!!! Glad you won!

  3. Denice says:


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