Sewcial Share Saturday

It’s Saturday Makers! Let’s get sewcial!  It’s a great day to share and get to know other makers. Do you love to connect with fellow Makers? I do.

Post a link to your sewing blog or site in the comments below. Follow at least one new sewist today. And say hello in one of their post or about page. Sharing our love of sewing and each other is a ‘neighbourly thing’.

Happy Sewcial Saturday~Cheers

P.S. It’s unusually hot and smoggy here in the PNW. Stay cool and safe indoors. If possible, check on your neighbours . Especially the elderly and homebound.


About Chic Mona

Upcycle Diva! Creating affordable handmade fashion accessories, delicious décor and unique gifts in the USA .
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8 Responses to Sewcial Share Saturday

  1. kelleysdiy says:

    Your a big winner Mona!!!!

  2. GeekMama says:

    I do my sewing on YouTube. My videos are not that great, laughable even, but I’m working on it lol

  3. I love this picture. I can remember going to sewing bees at my church with my aunt when I was a very little girl. I think that started my love of sewing. Thanks for sharing.

    • Chic Mona says:

      Thanks for sharing your memories and love of sewing Peggy. Your OMG and BOW posts are always inspiring even for non-quilters like me. I love this photo too. I remember church socials. *sigh*

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