Friday Feeling – Fabulous

It’s Friday fellow Makers! Hope you have lots fabulous plans for this weekend. A note to local folks; this Sunday July 30th is opening day of  Alger Sunday Market for the 2017 season. I hope you’ll set aside some time (after chapel) to take a drive and stop by. Lots of fabulous goings on and some wonderful handmade makers and producers will be there. (me) I’ll have a ‘swap’ box of fabric yardage and fabric scraps.Please brings a jar of peanut butter to donate to our local food banks/homeless community kitchens, and you can choose one item of fabric yardage or mystery ‘bag-o-scraps from the ‘swap’ box of fabric (while it last). I’ll also have lovely handmade treasures for you to peruse.

I’m also feeling quite pleased with myself today too. Got 20 P’s & Q’s of sweet and spicy pickles put up in the pantry.

Happy FriYay! Cheers

Canning tip~ Always wear a good canning apron!



About Chic Mona

Upcycle Diva! Creating affordable handmade fashion accessories, delicious décor and unique gifts in the USA .
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5 Responses to Friday Feeling – Fabulous

  1. Tammy Brehm says:

    You amaze me Mona, always busy making something. those pickles look yummy 😉

  2. sewtonya says:

    Oh those pickles look great! We canned pickles last year for the first time. We cut them too thin. But they still turned out tasty.

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