#MondayMotivation ~ Swap Fabric for Food

Happy Monday makers, it’s 4th July long holiday weekend! What are you making today? I’m sew 😉 busy getting ready for the monthly swap meet this Sat. July 8th. Mark your calendars’! Today I’m reminding all sewist and textile artist how to add to your fabric stash for community good. Or how you can un-stash too.

I’ll have a ‘swap’ box of fabric yardage and fabric scraps. Each person who brings a jar of peanut butter to donate to our local food banks/homeless community kitchens, will get to choose one item of fabric yardage or mystery ‘bag-o-scraps from the ‘swap’ box of fabric (while it last). And if you have yardage or reasonably useful clean scraps you’d like to donate I’ll take it for the fabric~food box too. Children are out of school for summer,many of our neighbours have to supplement their family’s basic food needs by going to the local food bank. Let’s help if you can.

And for you summer treasure hunters, many other vendors with affordable handmade wares and gently used treasures will be there just waiting to be discovered.

Have a Fun and Safe 4th of July



About Chic Mona

Upcycle Diva! Creating affordable handmade fashion accessories, delicious décor and unique gifts in the USA .
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8 Responses to #MondayMotivation ~ Swap Fabric for Food

  1. Also, thanks for following me!

  2. Hi Mona, that’s fabulous!! How did it turn out? Did you collect lots of food??

  3. What a great idea. Good luck.

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