Canine Cancer and Birthday Blessings

Please forgive this very personal post. But today is our Golden girl’s 13th birthday. We are so thankful and blessed to have made it to this day. She’s been fighting osteosarcoma in her leg bone since January. And fighting the effects of chemo on her kidneys and liver. With a balance of chemo and other meds along with homeopathic treatments, she’s fought this canine cancer longer than our DVM predicted. Everyone is totally amazed. We thank God for every moment we have with her.

I’d also like to give a huge shout-out to our Vet clinic team at Chuckanut Valley Vet Clinic. They have been marvelous. We are so grateful for all their kindness through this journey. Especially Dr. Searle. Our hearts are full of gratitude for his sensitivity ,wisdom ,knowledge and dedication. To everyone who is praying and helping us through this time,we appreciate you so very much. Thank you, and our Golden girl thanks you too.

Happy 13th Birthday to our darling girl.


P.S. 😉 Because of her diet, I made her ‘cake’ from jasmine rice and carrots with kibble surprises on top and inside. She was thrilled of course.


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4 Responses to Canine Cancer and Birthday Blessings

  1. Happy Birthday to this Wonderful Friend!!! Wet nose and wagging tail from Charley too. I am happy Siena enjoyed her special cake! Xoxoxo Johanna

    Ps my little quilts are giving me lots of joy and keep my head calm with this new busy job…but accuracy is the hardest part ;o)

    • Chic Mona says:

      So thoughtful,thank you Johanna. And wags back at ya Charley ❤ Thrilled to hear your joy of keeping with stitching even with busyness of life. LOL, I can relate to "accuracy" being hard in quilting. Details matter. 😉 tho in-accuracy leads to unique treasures too.~cheers

  2. Aw sweet girl, happy birthday! We have a 10 year old pom who had an emergency vet visit this past week, so we are starting to enter the senior years of pet ownership with her too.

    • Chic Mona says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful birthday greetings. Yes, she’s a dear ole gal. Oh, I hope your Pom is doing alright. Many blessings to your senior pet.~cheers

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