Sewing Binding Tips

Sometimes sewing binding can be a challenge for me. Whether it’s bias or not. How about you? I don’t have any challenge making it, it’s in the attaching it where I run into inevitably having to reach for mr. ripper. (no,I don’t own a ‘binding foot’ either)

Recently I bound the edges of one of my ‘all day canning’ aprons in one go, using a couple of simple tools that I’d otherwise wouldn’t use for binding.

I’ve been using the following method below and it has made a world of difference. Remember ,I mentioned in another post about upcycling empty thread spools to store my handmade binding. Then I used my Dritz cone tread holder, I place the spool of binding on it to easily and smoothly draw from as I sew both sides at the same time. I don’t have to use the traditional sew at the crease from ws then fold and stitch on rs’. But I do use that technique on some of my smaller single fold binding projects. I find I can sew more this way at one go than I would otherwise and it keeps me from stopping and staring to ‘fiddle’ with getting the binding into place and make sure I caught both sides. My stitch line is nearly the same on front as in back. Hurrah! I’m so impatient too,so this works well for me.


~ Here’s an easy way to cut squares of fabric for bias binding too~

I keep this cheat sheet chart from by my cutting table to make the math easy. Save and print copy if you like:


Do you have any easy binding tips? Please share.


Disclaimer: No stipend or favor was received for this post or from any links mentioned above.


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