Stitching from the Heart

Sewing can sooth my soul and others heart.  A few days ago I was perusing my WP reader and came across a post ‘ #aheart4mcr ‘ by the darling Sandra over at Wild Daffodil. I thought what a loving way to show the village of Manchester our hearts runneth over for them. I can do something more than pray from way over here in PNW. (tho, I do believe prayer works wonders too 😉

So I set about this past holiday weekend gathering up materials and stitching these 22 hearts.  

I was in a rush for time. Since Monday was a holiday here in US,they’ve got to make the post on Tuesday so Beth Clarke and her team at Ruby Blue Boutique would get them by the 5th. As I sat stitching each one I said a prayer. And the hymn we sing in chapel many times kept playing in my head,(“They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love” or aka~”We Are One in the Spirit”) like an ear worm I can’t control.  You ever had one you know what I mean. Well I shed many a tear with every stitch,but not in the way that would hinder how soothing this progress was. For me and for this simple action, it was a moving experience. I hope that in some way that feeling travels thru across the big pond for those that are heart broken right now and hurting.

I send you love.


P.S. and know,I believe… no matter what faith or none you believe or follow….we are all love together.


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5 Responses to Stitching from the Heart

  1. Denice says:


  2. Beautiful! ❤ We are all one ❤

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