Memorial Day

I was going to post about Memorial Day weekend today, but I couldn’t have written any better than Elizabeth did here. Read on…


World War 1

It’s Memorial Day weekend. This weekend, we remember those who  have died as a result of their service in the United States military. Many were career soldiers. They gave their lives because they wanted serve and defend the United States. Others were called into war by their country during times of need. We remember them all this weekend.

Remembering these men and women, most of them young, who died as a result of their Ardennenoffensive, US-Gefangeneservice, is painful. But this weekend, let us take some time and focus on them; show them our respect. Don’t worry about what other people are doing or about politics or about how whatever we do this weekend reflects on us.

Let us just remember them: who they were and what they lost. Let us ask God to keep them, forever, in the kind of peace that our fallen world may never see.

Vietnam War

In World War I, many soldiers…

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