Monday Motivation

Gah! It’s Monday dear sewists,again. Who else has that,I’d rather be outside playing feeling on these gorgeous spring days? Tho if ever I needed some motivation,sewing or otherwise, yesterday gave it overflowing. Along with being so grateful for unselfish acts of kindness,read on……

On Sunday I played hooky from chapel. Yup,you know I missed being there and felt so guilty. But I couldn’t miss participating in our local annual garden swap meet. While there, I met a dear sweet lady who stopped by my booth. We chatted about her challenges in caring for her husband suffering from progressing dementia and how her garden is a calming retreat for part of her day. She showed me photos of a metal folding door found on side road she upcycled into a garden art display for some of her hanging flowers. How proud she sounded of her accomplishment. And the spot for it in her garden did look so serene.

During our chat she admired some of my ‘all day’ house dress/aprons,which I talked about making with upcycled textiles.

Which brought back sweet memories of her mother ,who sewed an apron for all the women & grandchildren in her family before she passed away last year.That sparked a reminder of a principle on aprons that she had a copy of on her computer and has held dear for many years. She actually left the garden swap meet and drove home to print out copies of it , brought them back to me so I could display it on my table and share with folks who got an apron! How grateful and honoured I felt. Who would go to such lengths to do this now-a-days ? Surely this is why being part of and with-in a community makes us better. I’ll always cherish this beautiful day . I truly believe sometimes the Lord is out-n-bout in unexpected places and people.


P.S.Today I don’t feel so guilty not being in Sunday chapel. My Monday motivation now is make more aprons so I can put this in every pocket and pass on the cherished experience.


And I didn’t even get her name!



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4 Responses to Monday Motivation

  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Bless you again.xx

  2. nanacathy2 says:

    Your apron lady sounds amazing, and I bet she really appreciated her conversation with you, as a time when she could be herself and not a carer. God wanted you to bunk off for this very reason. xx

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