National Quilting Day 2017

Today is National Quilting Day!

In 1991, the National Quilting Association (dissolved in 2015) decided to create a special day to celebrate and inspire lovers of quilting and to encourage others to take up this charming and addictive craft. #NationalQuiltingDay was born, and has been celebrated ever since by quilt and patchwork lovers every spring. The Quilt Alliance now is the proud new coordinators of this special day!


I’m not a quilter in the traditional sense. But I do use quilting techniques in some of my creations. Like my handmade aprons,kitchen accessories,totes and other kitschy makes. In this photo on right, I used the friendship patch technique for chef mitt set with binding and double cotton batting. So maybe I could say yes, I’m a quilter.

I applaud all the women and men who have kept this time honoured tradition and their sewing circles in the forefront and to the QA for taking up the mission to document, preserve, and share the stories of quilts and quiltmakers and keeping this day of celebration alive. Go give them a thumbs up and a like if you are a lover of quilting and the stories quilters can tell. Do you have a quilt story?

Can you name what quilt patch design these ladies are working on?

I love these ladies and their aprons! I wonder what they are talking about.

Happy Quilting!

Disclaimer: No stipend or favor was received for this post or from any links mentioned above.


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5 Responses to National Quilting Day 2017

  1. STH says:

    What a great picture. I wonder why they’re all wearing aprons? Could they all have gotten together to cook, as well as quilt? I wouldn’t think an apron would be something you’d wear out of the house unless you were going to cook, so maybe it was some sort of community event, like a church supper.

  2. Mona…you will never believe it…but I made my first (tiny) quilt! And I really enjoyed it. I have just started a new job (yay!!!!) and I needed something to do that kept me focused but also relaxed my brain form all the info I have to process. I am thouroughly enjoying myself and still flabbergasted. Hurray for quilters indeed! Xo Johanna

    • Chic Mona says:

      How thrilling Johanna! I can’t wait to see it and read your quilt story. Did you hand stitch the “tiny” quilt? You’re so talented I’m sure it’s adorable. New job (woohoo) and new quilt? whoa, hurrah indeed!
      Spring is in the air, cheers ❤

  3. Chic Mona says:

    Did you notice the toy car wagon and camper on the mantel? We had that,only adult size,LOL.
    Love the ladies in the back room too. Is that the relief quilters? Now there’s a story,eh.

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