Sewing Upcycle Tunic- Goldilocks

I call this upcycle sewing project Goldilocks because of the pieces involved to get  ‘just right’. If you’ve followed along with my other upcycle sewing ventures you know I’m all about using up thrifty finds. I wear layers. So tunics and designs that fit many functions work well for my style. And here in the PNW you never know what the weather will hold, from drizzle cool mornings to sunny warm afternoons.


This project started with a thrift find blouse (made in usa) that was way too big and a pair of old slacks I had from years past. You know, those ones in the back of the closet, that we hope “one day” I’ll be able to get back into again. Hah!

I just set about deconstructing them both. Which was as much or as little as I needed. This tunic I wanted to have a little more style. So I planned to use the slacks as a block colour for the bottom.


I took the sleeves and collar off (top view). And cut the bottom of the too big blouse off just above the side slit (bottom view). Leaving enough room for seam allowance below the last button. I could have taken the buttons off here and sewn the front closed but left them on instead. Using another pullover I made previous, I cut the deconstructed blouse front and back piece to fit. Then taking a section of the slacks , I sewed it to the bottom of each. The back bottom piece being just a few inches longer that the front.


The neck line and armhole I faced with bias tape made from left over pieces from cutting up the ‘too small’ slacks. Here’s a how to from Emmely of infectiousstitches you may find helpful if you ever want to use bias facing for your next sewing project.




After sewing the side seams back together I hemmed the bottom. I used the leftover sleeves to make the pockets with a inverted box pleat. The block colour add on looks uneven on purpose. When I wear it (my back-end need a little more (wink wink), the extra bit long in the back rides up and looks even but just enough offset to give a slight angle appearance.

This Goldilocks ‘just right’ tunic works well with turtlenecks and tees. I hope this post spurs your inspiration to upcycle your thrifty finds. Or check the back of that closet…you know it’s time for some spring cleaning anyway.


oh, and today is #WorldBookDay and Dr. Seuss’ birthday

so go read Goldilocks again or

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think



Disclaimer: No stipend or favor was received for this post or from any links mentioned above.


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7 Responses to Sewing Upcycle Tunic- Goldilocks

  1. Denice says:

    nice functional deconstruct/reconstruct

  2. I’d say: perfect!!!

  3. Kathleen says:

    wow, good job! You are so creative!

  4. Chic Mona says:

    oh, just a added note~ just so happens,both were made of the same material.

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