2017 Year of the Rooster

Happy Lunar New Year! Are you finding intriguing places and people this year to spur your creative adventures? It’s such a treat when I encounter creative inspiration from new or revisited adventures. I experienced that this week when an artistic fellow sewist (Bonafide Stella) and I met for coffee at Bellingham’s funky dive cafe Homeskillet. (a must visit cafe)


Meet Miss Velveeta Jones of Bellingham. I love her. Tho not really a rooster she is a joyous whimsical greeter when you drive up to the Homeskillet cafe. Her cheerful eclectic colourful style just makes me smile every time I see her. She rules the roost in the Sunnyland neighbourhood of B’ham. Her feathers of mosaic patchwork sparks my imagination for sewing happy folksy projects. Summer will be here soon right? I hope your ‘Year of the Rooster’ is thrillingly full of happy whim-wham folly.


Does Miss Velveeta Jones spark your passion for a sewing project ? Perhaps for Easter or summer? Share your thoughts below.



About Chic Mona

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