Election Day Inspiration


Whew! Election day 2016 is finally here. Yes,I voted. I feel it’s my civic duty.

With all that is swirling around us I’m grateful I can immerse myself in my sewing. A calm and meditative ritual that involves creativity is a great comfort for me. It stills my mind. Especially if I need to think through something. I’d say somewhat like a spiritual experience ,almost. I do alot of praying outloud in my sewing space,which I refer to as my “still room”. Even tho much fabric flying action goes on in there, LOL. (wink)

Do you have a ritual connection with your creative outlet, sewing,quilting,knitting,needlework et al?



In searching out a new diversion with my sewing I came across this pattern. I adore this look. You know I love to layer and pant suits may be ‘in’ for 2017. How do you feel about wide leg trousers and wide collar blouses with vest? Now I’m on the hunt for this pattern (18-24). Any local fellow sewist have this in your stash are willing to share? Please,contact me. Or if anyone has ideas how to accomplish this look with a selfdraft pattern please share too!

Happy sewing~Cheers


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9 Responses to Election Day Inspiration

  1. STH says:

    You have Simplicity tweeting at you?!? You are connected, girl!

    The rest of the pattern isn’t my thing, but I love that vest! I’m also wondering if you could modify a wrap dress pattern to get that look. The style does look like it would make a great dress if it were a bit longer. I am ALL ABOUT nothing but turtlenecks right now, so I’d wear a dress like that over a turtleneck. 🙂

  2. 1: several online retailers have it. 2: do you already have jacket and trousers patterns that fit? If so, altering them to reflect this shouldn’t be too difficult. Omit sleeves and collars, lengthen the body and the front to get a side closure. Do you have a wrap dress pattern? Shorten it, omit sleeves (make lining and facings, obv) and ties and close with buttons…

  3. Chic Mona says:

    update: Simplicity tweeted me with ‘almost’ like retro 40’s pattern 3688, ck it out here~ https://twitter.com/SewSimplicity/status/796026903685713920

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