Market Model~ Apron Edition

It’s true, it does take a village .This post is really about gratitude.

Yesterday while at my booth boutique at the weekly Bow Little Market I was having a bit of a challenge. Just how to best display one of  my custom handmade aprons. It didn’t take long till a bevy of support came my way.

Custom Handmade Egg Gathering Apron

Custom Handmade Egg Gathering Apron

Thanks to the hardest working real estate broker in the northwest Denice (the live model), local chicken farmer  A Man and His Hoe ,  Jessica  of D&J Farms and a fellow vendor Mary (who has fabulously unique potted plants) the challenge was completed. The aprons were happy too.

This is a beautiful community.



About Chic Mona

Upcycle Diva! Creating affordable handmade fashion accessories, delicious décor and unique gifts in the USA .
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4 Responses to Market Model~ Apron Edition

  1. Denice Rochelle says:

    You work hard, study hard, and endlessly seek ways to bring your unique creations to the public. You don’t troll sites to copy other people’s work, you don’t disregard copyrights, you are extremely conscious about not doing what others are doing, for honorable reasons. Keep up the good work! Keep aspiring to build your niche! Keep your integrity in the face of others who don’t! Keep moving with the good foot.

  2. An egg collecting apron is a great idea! If I make one, do you think I’ll find I suddenly have chickens? One can hope, right?

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