Thrifty Sewing Treasures

I love thrifting as much as sewing. And finding treasures such as these are so thrilling to me. I’ve not heard of Ann Person of Oregon,or her sewing methods before discovering this in one of my favourite thrifting spots. As I read briefly thru this book tho, she ,and her ‘methods’, I must know of more.  I quickly did a search and came across this 2004 ASG Sewing Hall of Fame post. What an amazing woman. Have you taken any of her classes or used her methods? If so,I’d love for you to comment and share your thoughts or experiences .

Retro Ann Person Sewing Method Book

Oh, and as an added bonus. When I got it home and started going thru the book I discovered,between pages 6-7, this torn out 1981 ‘Sew With Flair’ article from the Seattle PI newspaper! It’s written by a Sandra Betzina. She shares her sewing tips and tricks on a summer silk blouse using McCalls 7516 pattern.

Retro McCalls Pattern 7516 in Seattle PI

Now, this is why I love thrifting. Can I get a Huzzah!


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5 Responses to Thrifty Sewing Treasures

  1. My mother took her Stretch and Sew courses many years ago, and we all had piles of t-shirts. T-shirts that fit perfectly with beautiful, simple necklines!

  2. Naomi says:

    Huzzah! Love that stuff. My friend found me one of the Vogue Complete Guides To Sewing and I bought the Readers Digest complete Guide to Needlework secondhand too. Such great resources!

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