National Craft Month 2016

National Craft Month 2016


It’s March already! That means it’s time to celebrate National Craft Month. Did you know March is also  National Women’s History Month and March 8th is International Women’s Day.  Also this month ,Spring begins (Mar.20) and Easter Sunday is Mar. 27th. As well as the ever popular St. Patrick’s Day . Whew, more days to celebrate and even more reasons to get moving on those PIP’s ( projects in progress). Let’s not forget to add acts of kindness everyday, just because.

3 Craft it Forward Challenges~

  1. Don’t buy any new fabric this month. Instead,bust your stash,Upcycle thrifty finds or rescue textiles from thrift shops and textile resources such as Ragfinery.
  2. Share a special technique you use with others.
  3. Take at least 10 minutes one day this month and pick 3 items from your closet and bureau then forward them your local DVSA chapter ,your local homeless shelter or church.

How do you plan to spend the next crafty 31 days?

Oh, and if you’re a sewist like me, it’s craft month every month. Happy crafting!



About Chic Mona

Upcycle Diva! Creating affordable handmade fashion accessories, delicious décor and unique gifts in the USA .
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