Vintage Fabric: What Would You Sew?

vintage bloomcraft fabricHelp! I received this piece of vintage Bloomcraft fabric as a gift from my beautiful friend D. (she knows). It is a unique piece of med. weight cotton, marbled with swirls of brown,gray,black and cream. My first thought was ,wow, this reminds me of the expressionist artist Edvard Munch and impressionist artist van Gogh, who got together and designed a textile line. LOL

So many ideas of what to create with this fabric are swirling in my mind. A tunic,muumu or pillows or perhaps some clutch purses? D. suggested I use it to create some of my unique camo hats. Now that’s enticing. I just can’t decide. I don’t want this to end up in my ‘can’t bear to cut it’ fabric stash. I want whatever I fashion to honour this wonderful fabric and it’s artistic design.

So dear fellow sewists and readers I could really use your help.Please lend me your thoughts and ideas of what you would sew.

Have you ever had this dilemma with a piece of fabric before?




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19 Responses to Vintage Fabric: What Would You Sew?

  1. I don’t know if you already made something out of it but I can see this for a lovely (evening) dress, simple shape let fabric ‘talk’ or in a delicous Art Deco room…whatever you do, please do not make a muumu!! I hope you will show the result, it is beautiful!!! Did I tell you I saw this exhibition the other day on artists and textile design?? Picasso, Matiisse, Warhol, etcetc…it was wonderful! Xo Johanna

    • Chic Mona says:

      LOL, no muumuu for sure Johanna. I haven’t made anything yet. Thanks for your input, yes simple shape for sure. It’s a great help to get others ideas. Yes, I will definitely post what it becomes. Wow, that exhibition sounds exciting. I look forward to your post on that. ~cheers Mona

  2. Ninutschka says:

    I go with STH – make a kimono. an opend cardigan with black fringes or something like that! 🙂

  3. That is Gorgeous!!!!! I can think of nothing but tote bags at the moment with a steampunk vibe – that fabric would be perfect!

  4. BluKatDesign says:

    This would make a beautiful table runner! 🙂

  5. STH says:

    I like the idea of a tunic with no closures so that you don’t have to cut up the print. Dark brown pants or skirt, big wood earrings . . . .

  6. It really reminds me of Van Gogh too! Go for something big and bold!

  7. Well, I can understand your reluctance to cut into this fabulous fabric. I rather like the idea of a clutch, but the pattern is so large, how would you decide which bit to use? Lemonpath had a good idea, never would have thought of that!

  8. Lemonpath says:

    Wall hanging or frame it!

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