Celebrating Saint Lucy


Christmastide~ today ,Dec. 13  the third Sunday in Advent and also Feast Day of Saint Lucy. A day of giving and of celebrating the spirit of lightness. Who’s up early baking saffron buns? ( ^hand raised)  While you may be busy in the kitchen or in a hurry to finish last minute sewing projects, take some time for yourself and have a cuppa while colouring St. Lucy . She’ll love you for it and so will I. (right click to save and print.great for children too)

Here's a little retro saffron bun recipe for you to try.

Here’s a little retro saffron bun recipe for you to try.


Credit: Special thanks to Recipecurio and to Super Colouring for Adults.
Disclaimer: No stipend or favor was received for this post or from any links mentioned above.


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2 Responses to Celebrating Saint Lucy

  1. Delightful! It is great to see a different aspect of this festive times. And thanks for sharing the recipe! Xo Johanna

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