Days of Advent : Traditions

 What is your favourite Advent tradition?



Advent traditions abound from many different countries. Here in the USA ,UK and Canada it’s more likely you’ll see Advent calendars that are opened daily to reveal sweets tucked inside with a message. In some homes, but mostly in churches, you may see the Advent wreath (crown) or candelabra. Adorn with candles, purple, blue, red or white. One lit on each Sunday of Advent leading up to Christmas Day. I can still recall the sounds of the chimes and the whirl of the angles as the candles were lit on our little brass Advent ‘änglaspel’. New DIY calendar traditions include 25 Days of service for others. And this great idea for an Advent tree, 25 random acts of kindness.  Ether it be for family or strangers, this Advent activity can be fun for everyone in your family. No matter what your traditions, the spirit of this season is LOVE. May yours be plentiful.

Click on pic for instructions and more ideas.

Use fabric materials you have on hand. Click on pic for instructions.

This advent wreath idea is so beautiful and clever. Material can be found on a walk with family and friends. Click pic for info.

So Sweet. Would be great with Christmas theme mugs too! Click pic for more.


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2 Responses to Days of Advent : Traditions

  1. All brilliant! I love the True spirit of Christmas…and all the glitter that comes with it! When it comes to the decor: I love my little Christmas dioramas. They will be back on my blog soon;0) Life is even too busy to blog properly, boo;0( But I enjoyed your post tremendously! xo Johanna

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