World Teacher’s Day 2015

Students home-ec sewing-classToday ,Oct 5th. , all over the world is a day to celebrate and honour our teachers. I’d like to honour and thank all the teachers out there who are continuing to teach and share their knowledge and experience with sewing and textile art. For many sewing enthusiast it may have been your parents , grandparents, a home-ec class (like the one pictured above) or 4h programs  teachers who taught you to sew. Sadly today most of our public schools no longer have valuable home-ec or ‘life skills’ classes. Sewist and textile artist around the world share here who inspired and taught you to sew and create.



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3 Responses to World Teacher’s Day 2015

  1. Ayay, a day late! Teachers can make or break a child and today I will give some extra celebratory thoughts to teachers that made me! I grew up in The Netherlands and my school was still old fashioned enough to reserve the Wednesday afternoon soley for the purpose of teaching the domestic needle crafts to girls (boys had work shop) It started at the age of 7 or 8 and by the time, you moved to high school at the age of 12, a girl could sew, crochet and knit and would have useful examples and patterns for baby wear, men’s socks etc. At the time I was not always pleased especially since most of the teachers were sour faced elderly spinsters with no patience what so ever….but I learned to love it. Especially when we got this ‘hippy teacher’ ( we are talking seventies here;0)) who taught macrame and felt work: much better! Who would have thought that 30 years later I would call sock knitting my ‘yoga’ ;0) xo Johanna

    • Chic Mona says:

      Thanks Johanna for sharing your experience. How wonderful. I totally understand the “sock knitting yoga” .Sewing for me is a form of meditation.~cheers

  2. Chic Mona says:

    Sadly,I didn’t learn to sew until much later. It was a family member who inspired me and a local retired home-ec teacher who gave me the confidence and a dear friend who pushes me to sew on.
    ❤ Thanks Gretch , El and "Bonafide Stella" !

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