DIY Eco-Friendly Easter Ideas

Hippity-hoppity Easter’s on its way! Are you ready? This time of year has a plethora of DIY pinterest pins,craft post and commercial ads bantering about. But many of us are looking for more eco-friendly ideas to those much over-used artificial Easter products. Here are just a few ideas I think are worth a go.

Chic Mona Easter Basket Prop

Easter Baskets:

Upcycle from thrift store finds or sew your own! There are so many basket tutes online and they’re easy to make. Pick re-usable containers that can become useful throughout the year. Or buy from your local handmade makers. (yes,I handmade the one above for demo.)

DIY natural egg dyes: Spices, Teas,Coffee, Veggies,Plants are just a few eco-friendly alternatives to commercial dyes. It’s fun to experiment with combos too.  Be sure to compost after use. Check out a few recipes here.

Easy peasy~ written notes and hand drawn egg art is fun for all . You could even mark them with your own coinage or a prize, like a treasured trip or cash. Book or song excerpts~ Endless loads of fun.

instead of that plastic green stuff….

DIY basket grass filler alternatives: Real grass or wheat grass. Herbs, Ferns, Evergreen branches etc. (don’t use real grass unless you know for sure it’s organic)

Great use for your fabric scraps or yarn too! Rip or shred paper you have around the house. Even natural popped popcorn (not microwave kind), afterward your neighbourhood birds will love it,if the kiddies didn’t eat it all. LOL (no salt or sugar)

Sweets: Use your own good noggin here.  A little goes a long way. 


Do you use any of these or have other eco-friendly Easter ideas ? Please share!


My gratitude to Momables and Christina at 2 Little Hooligans . And tho she is no longer with us, my Oma…your organic traditions carry on dear.


Disclaimer: No stipend or favor was received for this post or from any links mentioned above.


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