Remembering~NYC Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Workers

NYC sweatshop sewing district March 25th 1911. 145 dead.

triangle shirtwaist factory headline

Every year these NYC sewing factory women and young girls are ever present in my mind. I revere these and the many thousands of other hardworking textile workers today. Tho their tragedy led to some changes for work place reforms,  many workplace regulations and workers’ safety are still being neglected today. Especially for poor women and children in other countries.

Triangle Shirtwaist Workers

Sewing for a living should not be life threatening.

Take a few moments today and read this 2011 commemorative publication, “Don’t Mourn-Organize”,from the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire that killed so many women,girls and men. No one was ever held to account for the many lives lost.

Triangle NY union mourn

Think with your heart before your next fashion purchase.


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