Sewing with Pima Cotton Fabric

Pima cotton snood

Pima cotton snood

Let me state straight away ” I love sewing with Pima cotton textile “. It is considered to be one of the superior types of cotton and is extremely soft,durable and absorbent. I use Pima cotton for sewing snoods, baby gear and pillows. Items made from this material launder very nice and most are no-iron.  I love it mostly for its softness.

Baby bib and pucksack

Baby bib and pucksack

Sewing with this fabric is a delight.The absorbent ,cosy and durable detail was useful recently when I was thinking of what textile to use for sewing infant gear . I used Pima cotton for the lining and top band for this baby pucksack and for the backing of this cotton chenille infant bib. Both creations finished so baby cheek soft. If you’ve ever felt a garment made of this fine cotton you know what I mean. And I’ve found they get softer with age (LOL, much like me).

Pima cotton has a bit of ‘give’ which can be helpful for beginner sewist too.  And has a wonderful drape if you’re looking for a great summer wrap or Tee-dress fabric.

Most of the Pima cotton we have today comes from Peru. It’s not easy to find but I hunt for USA Pima.  Or upcycle garments made from this fine cotton cloth. Whenever I go thrifting I always make sure to check the label. It must say 100% Pima cotton, making sure it’s not a mix  with lesser cotton or synthetics.  Be careful if you’re buying cotton fabric online. Do your homework and ensure its true Pima cotton. Next time you are looking for a great useful quality fabric that will last, try Pima cotton.

Have you sewn with Pima cotton?


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