September-National Sewing Month 2017

It’s September Makers! That means it’s National Sewing Month! Who’s ready for a month of sewing to un-stash that growing fabric stash? I know I’m way over due for some un-stashing. Or maybe it’s a great time to get that mending done and organise that fabric like STH did over at Living in Color . (totally impressed with her fabric stash database)

Whatever you have planned for sewing or just starting to plan a sewing project….

Cold weather is coming soon. It’s a busy time I know. Children going back to school and holidays are fast on the horizon. A few minutes to sew for others can make a world of difference. Get in a group or create one. Having fun and sharing is so much a part of sewing too.

Be sure to share your creations photo and tag them on your fave social media sites with #nationalsewingmonth. Oh and if you know or hear of fellow sewists or quilters down in TX or LA affected by the storms that need to replenish their stash, lets share what we have. I’d be glad to share some of my fabric with churches too. What do you think? You in?

Be sure to visit American Sewing Guild facebook page (HQ is based in Houston,TX) to offer any well wishes or solace, and also Sewing & Craft Alliance who foster National Sewing Month every year.

Happy September Sewing~Cheers


Disclaimer: No stipend or favor was received for this post or from any links mentioned


Excerpt from the 1982 President Reagan Proclamation 4976:

“…Tens of millions of Americans sew at home. Their efforts demonstrate the industry, the skill and the self-reliance which are so characteristic of this Nation.

In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our economy the Congress has, by Senate Joint Resolution 205, designated September, 1982, as National Sewing Month…”

Read more here~  Proclamation 4976 – National Sewing Month September 24, 1982

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Tuesday Textile Tip- Wool

It’s textile Tuesday Makers! Woolly season is coming. Sewing and crafting with wool has been popular textile for millennia. It’s one of the ‘living’ fibres. Which means coming from from animals like sheep or from goats is called cashmere and mohair, from muskoxen is qiviut and from rabbit – angora etc. We have plenty of local ‘living fibre’ roving suppliers around the PNW and especially here in our little valley. I like to use upcycle material like wool coats or sweaters to use for my makes. It is also easy to wet felt by hand but takes time. Like the hat I’m working on this week. That textile came from an 100% wool blanket found at a local thrift. Finding pure wool to upcycle is a challenge now-a-days due to the blending of wool with synthetic fibres in most fashion and other industry. If you want to use upcycle material to wet felt, make sure to look at the label carefully. Look for 100% pure wool and even this is not exact. Read more here in the FTC’s Textile and Wool Acts .

Wool use to be a ‘last a lifetime’ go-to textile for many knockabout fashion style and fine accessories. Like the world famous Pendleton blanket or the still popular 49’er women’s jacket. Some Pendleton wool is still woven and made in OR. Even their eco-wise wool textile yardage is still available.

Wool is great for insulation too. I upcycle it as wadding for my tea pot covers and woolly cake hats. You could even use it for slippers and handwarmers. Ahhh, a nice cuppa sound great on this chilly rainy day today. What’s your fave tea? Mine-straight black, tho I do enjoy flavored now and then. I digress….

Sewing with wool comes with it’s challenges too. In my experience sewing with wool, having good tools is key. Watch this short video Wonderful Woolens by Ann Steeves it is very useful. (tip-Take notes on the needle sizes and stitch length she shares)And a good iron with lots steam power. Don’t skip Pressing or steaming!  I use a wool pressing cloth on most of my sewing projects. It works great and lasts. I tend to use lots heat ,(LOL No patience.) Especially if you plan to do any wet felting. You’ll become very fond of your steamer,and I don’t mean the cuppa either. 😉

gabardine or sharkskin? really?

Who’s ever sewn a wool coat? I’ve not tried that yet. But I do want to. I loved my woolly car coat from my school days. And who remembers having a gabardine ‘travel suit’? *sigh* I miss that suit. (not a Lilli Ann sharkskin tho) I think,somewhere, I still have a tweed ‘travel suit’ blazer tho. Hmmm, note to self….add travel suit to project list. We tend to make or purchase what’s trending or in fashion of the season. And waste a lot. But perhaps this year or next, step out on the woolly side and make something that last. I wonder if that wool coat is still ‘living’.

What’s your experience with wool?

Happy Tuesday Makers-Cheers

+tip~ This info brochure has some intriguing wool tid-bits and sewing tips on page 10/11



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Monday Motivation

It’s Monday Makers ! Short post today. I’ve some motivation this week for the Fall season,which feels like it’s here already (arrives officially Friday Sept. 22nd). I finally found some 100% wool to upcycle for a clients hat request. It’s challenging to wet felt wool, but the weather has turned here in the PNW and time for warm head gear. Since I don’t have a brim block I used some rolled up damp towels to form the brim. Works in a pinch.

Now, it’s just a matter of letting it sit to dry four or five days.

Stay tuned.

Oh, and this week’s Tuesday Textile Tips is about wool. ICYMI-Here’s previous post on vegan leather .


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Thrifty Throwback Thursday~ Vintage Buttons -n- Books

It’s Thursday Makers! And I need some help. I’m a grateful recipient of  vintage button stash. A fellow crafter honoured me with this treasure tin full of her grandmothers vintage buttons and baubs . Thank you so much Donna K.

What a thrill it was for me to open this tin and see all these small flour sacks full of these beautiful treasures. I’m also delighted to find the ‘Gold Medal’ sacks and the parish support tiny paper change envelope ( I think that’s what it is). ❤ I feel like a child in a candy shop. 😉

Now I need your help fellow crafters and vintage fashion enthusiasts. What are the best ways to organise, preserve and use these beauties? Would you use them as embellishments or buttons on a piece of clothing or fashion accessory? My mind is swirling with questions. I’d be grateful for your input or experiences with like items.

Tardy tidbit:

Yesterday was #readabookday and this is a couple of books I spied at Anette’s booth at the Sunday market . She always has the most unique books and lots on DIY.  I thought of you Mrs. Walker aka Johanna P.

Happy Thursday Makers~Cheers

P.S. Please keep those affected by the hurricanes and other perils in your prayers and meditations.

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