OOTD-Sew Simple Side Slit

It’s Monday Makers’! I hope you had a blessed weekend. We’re having a gorgeous heat wave here in PNW.  And my garden lilacs burst out this week. I thought I’d share with you I did wear my DIY Kurdi for a Mother’s Day coffee date with dear friend ‘D’. (sorry no photos) I love it. It’s one of my fave tops this summer for sure.

I wore it over a pair of white linen crops, sandals and paired it with this ooak upcycled leather bag ‘Bonafide Stella’ made for me at Christmas. I’m so glad I added the slouchy pockets too. Keeping the side slits made all the difference in comfort. The slits added a bit of extra room and maneuverability without added fabric. (I need that help down below 😉 ) I’ll be using this technique again for another upcycle project.

TADA! Handmade Kurti from upcycle dess

Try adding in a slit on your next sewing creation. Here’s a good tute for sewing a side slit from Sonya over at 100ActsofSewing .

Next time tho I think I’ll do side slits in contrast fabric to add a bit of fun and definition like the neck . What do you think?

Cheers Happy Sewing

P.S. The white linen crops I wore…..use to belong to ‘D”s Mother Patricia, she is no longer with us. I love them too ❤

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Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s Monday Makers’! This is also Teacher Appreciation Week. I’d like to honour and thank all the teachers out there who are continuing to teach and share their knowledge and experience of sewing and textile art. For us sewing enthusiast it may have been our parents, grandparents, friends, a home-ec class (like the one pictured above) or 4h program teacher who taught us to sew. Or maybe you’re a self-taught sewist who was inspired by the more recent popular online teachers/instructors. I’ve spent many a Sat. morning with KBTCtv and the Quality Sewing supported programing. I’m always learning something new from watching these shows. Sadly today most of our public schools no longer have valuable home-ec or ‘life skills’ classes.  I’d  also like to thank all the Home-Ec  teachers past and present, like Florence King, M.S.  Who was assistant professor at University of IL and collaborated on this film “What is Cloth”. Give it a view and perhaps a thumbs up.

Fellow Sewist and textile artist around the world, please share below who inspired and taught you to sew and create with textiles.   And #thankateacher this week.

P.S.  Special shoutout to ‘D” (you know who you are 😉 and my network of bloggers (aka unofficial teachers) who support my love of sewing and inspire me. You continue to keep me learning anew.

Bless you all

Cheers ❤

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National Small Business Week 2018

It’s Monday, Makers’! It’s the start of  National Small Business Week, April 29th-May 5th.

Who’s your favourite local indie small business? Share their link below.

Lets lend our support to more of our indie shops and handmade entrepreneurs. If you have a indie shop please share your link too. And follow along with all the events and small business info this week from the SBAgov .


Share and tag your biz or your fave biz pics with #mysmallbiz or #smallbusinessweek too!

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