#MondayMotivation – Thrifty Pattern Paper

It’s Monday again Makers! I hope everyone is planning some marvelous makes for this week.

Today I’m sharing with you a thrifty motivation. Holiday paper with a surprise on the back. Imagine my thrill on one of my thrifting adventures to find this perfect holiday paper that has about a 2cm grid on the back! Whoot!

It’s perfect for using in making my self draft patterns. Which I use the most. Especially for my custom makes. Above I’m drafting a simple custom tunic pattern for a client.

So the next time you need grid paper for a project check out your local thrift store and look at the back of that holiday paper stash. You never know what useful tools are waiting there.

Happy Monday~Cheers

pssst- I keep scraps of fabric to make wrapping easier. Too soon for holiday post?

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