Tuesday Textile Tips~ Terry Cloth

It’s Tuesday Makers’! Don’t throw in the terry cloth towel just yet. Upcycle it! I’m starting a new weekly post, sharing tips on textiles. I hope you’ll find them useful.This week is terry cloth. Not the poly blend type but 100% cotton terry. Nice thick huggable terry. I see much of it at thrift shops. I hope it’s being put to good use, but some of what we donate gets tossed abroad or added to mounds of landfill. It’s such a waste. We can do better by saving and reusing textiles. Here’s one way I upcycle cotton terry cloth.

Cotton terry cloth is made to absorb moisture. This makes a great substitute for cotton batting. Especially when sandwich between insul-bright for hot pads , pot-holders and oven-mitts, like I did above. I use double layers when creating kitchen wares. I like the added protection. It makes for a safer handling of hot pots and pans out of the oven or the camp fire, ( My DH can attest to that,lol).

Also if you’re into sewing up softies for children, try cotton terry cloth for the fabric next time. If you get a good terry towel or robe to upcycle it should be plush and soft. Perfect sub for the other ‘plush’ fabric made of poly or plastic. Here’s some cute plushie patterns to try. Oh and terry makes great bibs for kids and clothing protectors for adults. I made the one above from my stash of ‘things to reuse’. It’s used every day. Also saves me time off from scrubbing food stains off his shirts 😉 LOL .

These are just a few ideas for reusing terry cloth. There are so many. I hope you found this post helpful.What other reuse ideas do you have for terry cloth? Please share your ideas in the comments below and share with others who need to know ~”Don’t throw it,Sew it”!

Happy Textile Tuesday Makers,Cheers


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